Price List

At G & V Tailoring, we specialize in altering men’s and women’s outerwear. Our expertise in suits, dresses, jackets, coats, pants, jeans (original hem), shirts, leather, cashmere, and more will give you the perfect fit. We’re always happy to provide free consultations–deciding between articles, materials, or whether or not to even get an alteration.

Dress alterations by appointment only (all dresses, including wedding and bridesmaid) call or text (310) 309-0599

You can always call/text for an estimate of how much a job will cost (310) 309-0599 and we can always ask you to send a picture if needed.

Most common alterations:
Hem pants $15 ($20-25 original hem)
Dress alterations $35 and up
Adjust waist $25 (jeans $30)
Slim pants (legs, waist, etc.) $50
Shirts narrow (darts, sleeves, etc.) $25, shorten sleeves $25, shorten length $15
Shorten and narrow jacket sleeves $35 / body $45-50
Shorten shoulders $80
Wedding Dress Alterations $100 and up